Reviews of Heroes of the Fallen

"it’s very nice when you find an original vision at work. I’ve found one of those in David J. West, whose Heroes of the Fallen has imagination in spades. The world created by West is fully realized and backed up by both firm historical knowledge and a good feel for mythology.
If imagination is the engine for Heroic Fantasy, fine prose is the fuel. Here, too, West achieves--"
- Charles Gramlich, author of Bitter Steel, Cold in the Light, and the Talera Cycle trilogy

"its a great read..."- Wayne May publisher of Ancient American magazine

"The strength of Heroes of the Fallen is its skillful ratcheting up of tension to this coming clash. It’s populated with colorful heroes and villains...Heroes of the Fallen is also a genre-buster. I’d be hard-pressed to give it a label—it inhabits some war-torn battlefield between historic fiction, swords and sorcery, and epic fantasy. At times it feels like sword and sorcery, particularly in the way West writes his characters. These are painted with pulp overtones and bright splashes of color. Amaron has shades of Robert E. Howard’s favorite Cimmerian about him (or perhaps more accurately Solomon Kane, as Amaron is a man of deep faith). You can clearly see West’s sensibilities and literary inspirations in the way the book is written and its dialogue." -Brian Murphy, The Silver Key

“David J. West has created a story line filled with excitement, archaeology, treasure and real history. This is a must-read not only for entertainment but also to open new doors and vistas of possibility for the mind. “- Bruce H. Porter Ph.D. Brigham Young University religion professor

"When I first learned that someone was writing a book based on the last events of the Book of Mormon. I thought, "Good. It's good to read those types of books." No, no, no! It is not simply good! And good is the wrong word! It is intrigue, fascination. Power. Obsession." - M. Gray author of The Ethos

"Heroes of the Fallen is a Book of Mormon historical that reads like an epic fantasy. It's not often that the LDS market sees something truly new, but West's debut novel really is different. It was refreshing. A breath of fresh air--and a lot of fun."- Rob Wells, author of Variant

"David West’s debut novel, Heroes of the Fallen, will transport you into an epic tale comprised of the haunting historical events that eventually lead to the downfall of an entire civilization. Written with captivating characters and vivid descriptions of a grand culture, the powerful setting and poetic language make this novel a monumental retelling of the Nephites’ final years of existence."- H.B. Moore, author of Abinadi and Alma

"I was afraid to read this book. It begins fast paced and draws you in immediately..." "I've read the history portrayed in 'Heroes of the Fallen', but I have never felt of its true nature until I read this book. I found myself rooting for characters and even feeling antsy. You know you have a good book in your hands when you feel the emotions. All in all, I recommend reading this book. If you are as picky as I am, you might find out you love it. I did!"- Marissa Walker-Timpanogos Times

An epic tale of valor and degeneracy where heroes are beset on every side by wicked schemers--whose plots, like a flood, threaten to drown them all--Heroes of the Fallen is sure to please any reader who enjoys a multi-threaded plot full of both historical wonders and vicious intrigues which rule the day. Heroes of the Fallen will have you praying for the good guys!- Daron D. Fraley, author of The Thorn

"This epic thriller combines meticulous historical and scriptural research with unmatched literary skill to bring into lifelike focus an era of scriptural history that unfolds upon the sacred Promised Land of the Book of Mormon in the Heartland of America. get ready to live its history!"- Rod Meldrum, author of Prophecies and Promises

"Even though Heroes of the Fallen will be placed in the fantasy section, it is a solid entry into the field of historical fiction."- Morgan Deane, military history professor

"The story keeps one spellbound waiting with great anticipation for what will happen next."- Stephen Shaffer, historian and author of Treasures of the Ancients

"a remarkable job of bringing these disparate elements together and creating a colorful and rich world. Then there's the main character, Amaron. He is loyal, hard-working, spiritual, and can beat the holy crap out of the bad guys: what's not to love about him? I keep wanting to call him "Conan the Mormonian". I found it exciting and fun. I hadn't read any good sword-wielding books in a while, so this one filled that need in me. After all, I cut my reading teeth on Conan the Barbarian and John Carter of Mars."- Berin Stephens author of The Dragon War Relic

"Heroes of the Fallen is well researched, with an extensive cast of characters and lots of political intrigue. This is the first in a series. The sequel, Blood of our Fathers, arrives next year. Recommended."- Bruce Durham author of The Marsh God

"brutal, gory, and depressing---But make no mistake, West is a talented writer, and whether a reader ordinarily picks up fictionalized scripture novels or science fiction once embarked on this novel readers will find it nearly impossible to put down."
Jennie Hansen reviewer for Meridian Magazine