I have always written stories, the first I truly remember was in the second grade. It was about a family of wolves that outsmart a hunter and his dog and then eat them.

That was my first writing award, probably because it was so brutal and beyond expectation at the time. But I was never trying to shock or offend anyone, I was writing what was in my heart, what moved me. 

I love comics and classic literature, I try to write a healthy balance of both. 

Sometimes I write today for the sake of a particular market but it is still something that moves me, something that grabs my attention and wants to be released, shared, perhaps even honored. I have to write where I am led, sometimes I don't even know where it is leading until I get there, but I suppose it must have been something whispering deep inside all along.

More on the ABOUT me stylings...I am a man of deep faith and spirituality, yet tainted with a wide patch of scar tissue when it comes to trusting people and their basic human nature. When I was a child I wanted to be a soldier, a warrior, a general leading armies from the front, across glorious battlefields. Instead I have been a DJ, cook, dishwasher, lawn care specialist,  job coach, construction worker, inspector, R&D in nanotechnology, transit driver, ditch digger, handyman, care provider, book seller, and the lead singer/songwriter in an Alt/Rock band

I have traveled all over North America, from Mexico City to Edmonton, Canada; from Maine to San Diego and from Atlanta to Seattle. I like putting my foot down everywhere and I have camped all over the country in every kind of weather. I have been jailed a few times on minor offenses and never caught for greater ones. I hate being told what to do by anyone, but will do anything for a friend. 

I read voraciously but also enjoy my favorite movies. I love history but try to look forward. I collect swords but I also go shooting. I like to game but never actually do anymore. I have lived in Las Vegas, Honolulu, Tucson, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Yuma, Durango and Phoenix, but I did not want to stay there. I love packing so much into life that there is a million experiences that can be used and come out later for the passion that is writing.

I will never stop writing. I have little doubt that when I do fall in glorious battle and pass on, there will be reams of unfinished work and that's just how it is.

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