Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am Pulp Fiction

pulp fiction  noun

fiction dealing with lurid or sensational subjects, often printed on rough, low-quality paper manufactured from wood pulp.

Now I am truly a Pulp Fiction writer.

The 0.5 issue of Utah Geek has finally been released and is being parceled out over the metropolitan Utah area-so its in the gaming shops and libraries all over SLC. The publisher, Dennis Lundstrom posted that he will have copies in Utah county next week-so all of my former locals, just hang on a little longer.

Though it may be a little hard to read, I am on the cover, no not the zombie, but the center tab reads,
Chapter 1: MIDNIGHT SONS, original fiction by David J. West

IF you can get a copy, read it and let Utah Geek (and me) know how much you liked it-if you don't like it, make a big stink about it and bring all the attention possible to this new little mag.

I still don't have a copy myself and borrowed this pic from the cover artist Carter Reid.

About MIDNIGHT SONS~ it will be an ongoing dark fantasy serial, centered on a trio of heroic yet superstitious characters who will be charged with hunting down the fantasy equivalent of Nazi war criminals- think steam punk Lovecraftian sorcerers. I believe the very premise will allow an infinite number of twists and turns for rather roguish heroes.

Everyone who possibly can-check it out.

I'll arrange something one fine day for all my friends out of Utah state (as I am now myself = Montana hence the great lack of blogging) to have a chance to read it as well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming Soon...

My two big releases for this year are coming soon in the next couple weeks, a weird western novella "Fangs of the Dragon" in Monsters & Mormons and the first installment of my dark fantasy serial Midnight Sons in UGEEK Magazine.

Available everywhere on Halloween, Monsters & Mormons is an anthology of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Alternate History, Action, and Steampunk, all by Mormon writers putting their own twist on our peculiar culture. I share the TOC with Dan Wells, Graham Bradley, Wilum Pugmire, Eric James Stone, Moriah Jovan, Emily Milner, Nathan Shumate, Jaleta Clegg, as well as a bunch of others I'm not yet familiar with. And then there will be artwork by Matt Page (above), Graham Bradley, Galen Dara, Jake Parker, Blair Sterrett and Brandon Dayton.

Coming next week, UGEEK Magazine 0.5 launch issue will be available all over the metropolitan Utah area, libraries, game shops, etc etc (Geek Land) Along with my first installment of Midnight Sons there will be
Going Insane: Lovecraftian Style by Mike Hill, Raising Geek Kids or Not by Ami Chopine, Zombie Nations Comic Strip by Carter Reid, Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by Tom Carr and Club Connection with Rex Rouviere, 7th Fleet. Game review of Mistborn RPG and the card game Eaten by Zombies.

Couple other things too, but those are the main articles for this month. I'm hoping for a very successful launch of both ventures. I hope you can check out the first online and that Utah locals will flock, praise and demand more of my fantasy nazi hunters.