Friday, March 22, 2013


Just checking in with a status update of ongoing projects.

I just submitted The King in the Wood to Alchemy Press

 I'm putting some final touches on Whispers of the Goddess

Still waiting on edits for the novel Bless the Child

Still sitting on my hands when it comes to Blood of Our Fathers and for that I apologize, it is the plan to get on that soon...
but in the meantime I have to get to work on my tale for Space Eldritch 2 - its gonna be a bigger collection, more authors etc etc and I have to get on that...

I also have to finish up Bring the Fire for the Barbarian Coast collection, taken way too long already...

A good number of other stories are accepted but I have no idea when they will be available, I won't let those slip by unspoken though.

Monday, March 18, 2013

If there was any Doubt as to how I feel Lately

Almost the only writing I have been able to do as late are these...

In The Garden
I thought I was Adam and you were Eve
Blaming the serpent, that he did deceive
Forgetting that there was another
Lilith, that first wicked mother
But Eve, she stood by her man
You, just turned and ran
Each of us into the wilderness cast out
I pray for rain and you curse the doubt
Lies your cloak and despair your hood
Truth, your bane and doing what you should
Now I wipe the children’s tear’s
And chase away your demonic fears
The flaming sword, I would lay down
and return to you, your exalted crown
if you could but be my Eve
but No, you chose to leave

The Empty Throne
You sat beside me in the Temple and ruled our home,
but you stole the scepter and dashed the crown,
all so you could roam.
Will I ever trust you again?
Not while every lie you speak, pierces my heart and steals my life.
Not while you try to play upon me like a fife.
Not as you proclaim love but plant pain,
you seed hate and reap one great black stain.
Can I ever love again?
With every truth spoken and my fired soul awoken.
With every fiber of my being, I’ll gain a queen and be a king.
And the throne beside me will be empty no more,
free from you, my dirty little whore.

To A Woman
After the silken threads that you spun
and the cords you’ve woven come undone
the lines you drew without care but rage
they will combine to craft your gilded cage
For the lies you told are freedom not
but slavery holding fast til you rot
An anchor round your slattern neck
driving you to your fated wreck
Satan has no servants but slaves alone
You are foremost his, soul, body and bone
Doom holds thy deceitful hand and black heart
with a curse upon your lips and tainted parts
You, the bride of darkness, despair and fear
fully selfish and cowardly, it is quite clear
Play the tortured soul, haunt the dark places
Weep crocodile tears and toy with many faces
But you shall stay and will ever be
the most evil person known to me

Karma is a Bitch and So is She
She lies and she lies
She cries and she cries
My hopes rise and they rise
But my heart dies and dies
I know what I want is what I want
I know what I deserve ain’t what I got
I know that I seem to be asking a lot
And I know that she is going to rot
Karma is a bitch and so is she
Thinks she can keep up the charade
Thinks she can keep me hanging onto her strings
I was blind but now I see
She thinks I’m broken but I’m remade
She thinks I’ll be waiting keeping her rings
No, Karma is a bitch and so is she
A lie must exit her mouth
A stab must enter my heart
Someday, someway she will see
The damage done her life gone south
Our union ends and my life will start

Two Reasons
Two reasons you can’t sleep:
Either you have a soul and conscience, and twist about at night in the agony of what has been done…
Or you are bereft of soul and conscience and thusly not even fit to dream…
I know which you are…

Monday, March 11, 2013

Whispers of the Goddess is Coming

I haven't been around, all my regular readers know why, but finally my first project of the year is almost here.

I need to figure out all the nuances and get it put together but WHISPERS OF THE GODDESS my novella from the departed Roar of the Crowd is coming soon.

Here is the back cover blurb I recently put together, (and thanks to Angie Lofthouse for helping polish it)

"Warships of the Fourth Crusade surround Constantinople threatening murder, rapine and worse.
The only option left the impotent Emperor to avoid the sacking of the great city, is to secretly give away a sacred relic.
Enter Tyr a red-handed Swedish mercenary and Wolfram von Eschenbach the Templar poet, together charged with retrieving the holy artifact and escaping the city.
What they don’t know is that arcane forces, old as myth, are marshaled against their mission. The old gods of multiple nations war with the New.
And Ragnarok is coming to Greece.

Here is the cover by the talented Carter Reid - he also did the SPACE ELDRITCH cover.

In other news, the prequel of sorts for Whispers of the Goddess, The Dogs of War, has been accepted into the Thunder on the Battlefield, Sword & Sorcery collection edited by James R. Tuck, so if you like one tale I hope you will like the other and we can get some cross-pollination going.