Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What have You Been Working On?

Just realized I haven't blogged all year - whew and here we are on January 31st!

I've taken longer on getting to work on my sequel to BRUTAL - FIERCE though I am a good ways along, part of that is that I have taken way longer on a game novelization than I ever meant.

It still doesn't have a title, but it is part of the Super Dungeon Explore game, I'm doing the third book in the series taking place in the Glauerdoom Moor and Von Drakk Manor - but its off to the editor now and aside from a few things to flesh out  characters better and have it jive with the other books in the series I'm finally done. I believe it should be out in Mayish? Maybe a little longer.

Its a fun little pulpy action/ Dungeons and Dragons by way of Ravenloft type adventure.

Now ist back to my own overdue projects.

How about you guys?