Monday, February 16, 2015

LTUE or Life the Universe and Everything

It falls on valentines weekend, so the annual LTUE conference which is amazing by the way, was not something I was able to spend as much time as I would have liked attending. I missed all of Thursday, and only spent about four hours at on Friday and around five hours at Saturday. I wasn't on any panels and just hung out with writer friends and fans but it was still a great time and gathering of magnificent proportions. As opposed to the comic cons - this is a writers (and artists) gathering without all the cosplay and crazy fandom. This was a place to talk shop, network and just enjoy fellow creatives company.

I made some new friends and had quality time with old ones. I plan on making it a point that I can spend a whole lot more time next year with everyone - I am in good graces with the head honcho's so next year I'll be on panels etc.

Here's some of the cooler things I got to see: A great prop - a Trolloc sword for the Wheel Of Time trailer, made by Hraefn Wulfson.
 Egyptian Queen, signed by Frank Frazetta!

 A great piece by Devon Dorrity, wish I could take it home.
 The always genteel Dave Butler.
 Signed Frazetta Berserker, on loan from the Frazetta museum, made my day I had no idea they would be here this weekend.
 A great piece by Hraefn Wulfson.
 Another fantastic sculpture by Devon Dorrity.
 Awesome new friend Hraefn Wulfson who made the above Trolloc sword for the recent fan trailer for The Wheel of Time. He is an amazing artists with this Atlantis portal piece and the above Egyptian meets Aliens pieces, and the other works beside the Trolloc sword. I love his specialty made frames too!

Found this gem at a used book dealer at the con.

And lastly, I took my wife to a Regency Ball for valentines which scored a lot of points with her, so its was a pretty great weekend. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FanX Recap

 Had a real good time hanging with my writer pals and making some new friends. I didn't sell as many books as I might have liked - specifically the new THE MAD SONG - but it did very well online getting as high as #1 on kindles Norse/Viking category and I completely sold out of my other collection Weird Tales of Horror - if I had had a few more copies Saturday night I would have sold them too.

I was on one panel Thursday night the Super villain Presidential debate - we ran out of time and the audience didn't get a chance to vote - due to some mishaps we did it again the next day and Michael-Brent Collings Ghost party won. But I know a lot of people were rooting for Ming the Merciless. I was on three panels Friday and none Saturday, but I had some sales because of my speaking on writing magic and talking GIJOE too.

This con I didn't bump into any celebrities unlike the last one but no big whoop there. Took a few pics to share though.
Met Ireland Reid, a very nice star cosplayer.

Friends forever

the Stig

Me and my oldest, he made the Venom costume himself.

Torgo, he even gave me a coupon for his pizza, I did not take him up on it.

Pretty good Goblin King

Even Teeghra's get thirsty

Five Nights at Freddys some video game thing my kids like.

Harley Quinn SLC a twitter friend

A fantastic Black Cat

The only Red Sonja I saw.